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  1. Do you already have a blog or website, if you already have ones
    please continue to next step
  2. Just go to Free Adsense Sign Up Here 
  3. If the pop up open already like a following picture

  4. Go ahead to Sign Up Now button, like poin out of this picture
  5. Don't GO to the the google account, except you already have google account
  6. After you Sin Up now, and fill out form application
  7. You have done, and right now you can starting make money

Monday, October 22, 2007

You Already have Blog ,join with adsense right now to make real money

How to increase your Adsense Earning?

How that really great if our Adsense Earning is gradually gain every day, but to get Adsense earning with the best earning is not easy. When I read to Adsense community I heard that so many Adsenter getting good revenue Adsense earning from day to day. They told that one adsenter community share about their Adsense Earning so enthusiasms make me so interest to respond their story.

Some of adsenter telling that they got so easy click from their internet user, but for me even I had joined with adsense around year, but my earning is still weak, I just getting 3-8 dollars every day, even no too bad, but why so many adsenter told that they got so easy earning every day more than 40 dollars. Yeah, maybe they use trick and having tips so they can generate their adsense earning so easy.

Then I learn about tricks and tips how to increase adsense earning, after word my earning bit more clicks and my earning little gain. I want to share my experience how to increase adsense earning with the legal way that I describe as a following are:

  1. Choose content with the best keyword, because good keyword have big earning, for example lawyer, Insurance, Cancer, Loan, Medical Equipment and so on.
  2. Optimization of your search engine, because this is so important, if your website in rank 1-10 top page, so you have chance to get more visitor, it's mean you have possible to get more clicks and sure your earning will be coming more.
  3. Try to set up your ads position to evaluate from where mostly you getting clicks, for example from the top page, middle and in side bar.
  4. Make your ads more visible to your visitor.
  5. Make your ads similar with your content style and color.
Try and try because through by trial and error you will be find which the best adsense get bets clicks and earning so you can manage and control your web site to be useful for your adsense business.
Good luck and success for you.
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Saturday, September 1, 2007

You Already have Blog ,join with adsense right now to make real money

I Made Some Dollars Every Day

Are you jobless, or you still have job but currently you want to get any opportunities job to additional your income every day? so you went to other job and sometime taking over time just cover your daily necessary as a reason your wages is not enough for monthly? Why you put your body getting tired only for $50-$100 additional income?

Do you want easy way how to get Dollars without doing any opportunities job, so you still have much time with your family, enjoy your leisure, just walking around and bit effort but huge income coming to your pocket, yeah it is interesting, isn't it? Sure every body love this way but not all people can do it, why, because you have to be study hard and there is no boring with them for long time? what it is? Is not secret way, it is Adsense Program Business.

I think you have been knew it, but if you still not join yet, why, I don,t know, it is your reason, but if you are still didn't not join yet, at that moment please join here, I will support you to make some dollars just only little work infront of computer through by making blog or any website, so you can enjoy your daily activity with dollars coming every day like me.

I had been joined with this program around year and now I had been enjoyed my earning, even small, I made some dollars starting $2-$5 every day, even I left and I went to every where my income is coming automatically. It is good news for you, if you have been never join with Adsense Program, I will guide how to join with Adsense Program to lead your huge income in the future, so, opportunities off line job is no need anymore, if you still confuse, you can contact me via my Email.
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Saturday, July 7, 2007

You Already have Blog ,join with adsense right now to make real money

Is Directory Submited Helpfull For You?

Several day ago my blog is getting less visitor, it's not happen every day but when I evaluate to the search engine and I type my blog keyword I didn't find also even I type to the complete a title, I asking to my self what happen with my blog and than I searching again still didn't find my blog in search engine but there is my blog inside the Top Blog List, so it's mean I can not find directly to my blog and must be come to the blog list first. I little upset and then I have been remember several time ago I have been joined with one of Top Blog List.

Directory or other collecting website or blog data was kept your data blog or website inside their data, so if any search engine crawl will be found in data directory not come to your data blog. It made your rank in search engine coming less and lately no body will be find your blog or website directly.

What will we do?
  • Please carefully to join with directory or any exchange link if you are not sure, because some exchange link lay and only want to put their link to your blog or website.
  • Submit only to best search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN,and other famous search engine to keep your website or blog exist in the search engine.
  • Don't let your blog manipulated by other ilegal authorized with exchange link or even Directory who didn't have responsibility.
Carefully and do the best for your blog or website always exist in the search engine
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Sunday, July 1, 2007

You Already have Blog ,join with adsense right now to make real money

Does Your Adsense Making Money?

Most new Of Publisher to hurry up want to get revenue from Adsense program, so they don't think about what website serve for. Website created to giving information for the reader not only create for money. Information is important think to satisfy serve to the reader when they are looking for new info or just want to understand about fresh topic or Hot News. Don't make your reader upset other wise they will leave your website and lately you will not getting more revenue, why because your visitor is Asset, it's mean if your reader less will influence to you earning and make your website weakness without any visitor.

How to make your site Healthy?
Website is like your body if you are ignore it, your body will be sick and no powerful, not running well so that way you must to keep your body always healthy with health food, exercise, health life style, and control to your doctor if you are getting sick and take medicine to treat your diseases. Website is also same so you have to control and maintenance in order to look health, fresh, up to date to make your visitor come back and addict with your stuff content.

Here steps to make your website always exist and more making money:
  • Make Up Date every day with the new content.
  • Make your Website stuff topic link each other.
  • Try to get new information to serve your visitor.
  • Promote your Website to many groups, such as, Yahoo, Google, Mybloglog, Forum, and community around the world, but don't do spaming.
  • Link to credible website it will be lead your ranking.
  • Choose the Best Keyword, it's make your website fast crawled by search engine.
  • Use the Adsense Tool to keep your Adsense more earning.
  • Post your new topics because most internet user is looking for it.
Start to making your Adsense get great revenue right now......
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Thursday, May 31, 2007

You Already have Blog ,join with adsense right now to make real money

Success Story Adsense Publisher

In my first posted, I have been invited to any new publisher who have already blogspot or website to be joint with Adsense, here some proof that Adsense Publisher told about their success story to public which inspired to many other new publisher following their success. Adsene is the real business, even you did not success at the moment , here only the time, if we follow to webmasters we will get success also, so Sign Up Now

OK, I continuing about the success story Adsense Publiser who publiseh by Google so you can read and understanding Trick and Tip, how to manage their site to be success, here some of Current Publisher as a following below:
  6. Ask The Builder
New Publishers
Here new publisher who have success story, and how Adsense help their success:
  1. Univision
I hope it will make motivation to any new Publisher to follow success story and start right now to get success with adsense, Join Now
Read also here:
  1. WiFinder
  3. Weblogs.Inc.
  4. ScienceDaily magazine
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

You Already have Blog ,join with adsense right now to make real money

Why you have to become Adsense Member?

In life cycle there is no body getting success without doing nothing, but even though you have been developed conventional business sometimes you got fail also, why because conventional business is needed more management and control to steady your business exist forever, so the question is, What a business easy to control and management without any lost or fail in the future? Yeah, of course, sure, there is, so many business in internet offering to you without any big capital so you will get more earning and one of them is ADSENSE BUSINESS.

Why I told you that Adsense is prospective business, yeah, because when I was joined first time with Adsense I didn't believe it, because how only make small personal blog we called BLOGSPOT will get the money than lately I searching in Internet Is it sure that Personal Blog can collecting money, and finally I got Information from it and from my friend also that already joined with google Adsense, He got dollars every day, Ohhh, It good sound, so I try to learn more about ADSENE PROGRAM finally I join with Google Adsense Program and Thank To God, Google Adsense Program Approved my submition and after that I have been starting to make any post with my Nurse knowledge, because my Background Education is a Nurse.

A month later I try to active in blog community for my blog campaign, surely following to the Google Adsense Policy and I saw in my Adsense account step by step streaming dollars even small, I try to more posting and register to so many Web Directory , Blog directory, and than I check again in my Adsense account ohh, my dollar was increase, and I believe sometimes I can boost my earn more than my salary at a present, so I will retired from it.

I wish to every body lets go join with Adsene, create your creativity, build your future with massive income, so you will enjoy your life time with no limited income, no pension, No Charge, check it out to my blog HERE

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